Mission Statement: 

To establish recognition for all women veterans, especially of Native American descent and their contribution to the military and the United States of America
What our logo means...
The M-16 rifles across the tipi' are a sign that we, as Native American Women Warriors, are home once again to take care of our our families after fighting side by side with our male Warriors in order to protect our people and land, upholding a deep tradition in our Native culture.
To remind American that we, as Native American Women Warriors, have served with honor and pride in every war and conflict America has ever been in including fighting against this country. The Eagle flying over the tipi is a blessing from our Elders from the past telling each Woman Warrior that, "her job is done", and as this is passed to each Woman Warrior that eagle drops an Eagle Feather for her to wear. The Eagle Feather Flag on top is to let the world know that I am a:


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